A new approach to the home intercom.

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Room to Room Calls

Connect the important rooms in your house.
Call the kids’ rooms from the kitchen, or the basement from your bedroom. No more yelling or running around.

We put every room at home within reach.

Home to Home Calls

Connect to the important people in your life.
With a home-to-home connection, you can chat, cook, hang or just say good morning to the people you love as if they live next door.

Now family is never far from home.

Mobile to Home Calls

Connect when you need to, wherever you are
Our mobile app gives you a window into your home when you’re on the go, so you can stay in touch and on top of your to-do list.

Feel at home with just the touch of a button.

Designed by Families for Families.

Nucleus is designed for families by families. We are passionate about Nucleus because we want to solve issues that affect our families and families across the world.

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Get your family’s attention.

Nucleus allows you to call one room in particular, or call every room at once. No more texting and yelling to get your family down to dinner.


Stay connected with Grandpa.

With Nucleus, you’re always a tap away from seeing Grandma and Grandpa. With optional auto-answer and our wide angle camera, you’ll be able to see Grandma’s face instantly with just the tap of a button.


Make your home smarter.

Nucleus is compatible with a host of connected devices that make your home smarter and your life easier. Use Nucleus to control Nest, SmartThings and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many units can I have in one dwelling?

    You can have up to 100 Nucleus devices in your home. If you need that many, please let us know. We want to see your 100 room house.

  • How do I answer calls with Nucleus?

    Nucleus offers you full control over how you want each unit to answer incoming calls. You have the ability to set up auto-answer, touch-to-answer, do not disturb and more. Additionally, you have full control over whether you want an individual unit to offer remote monitoring for security purposes.

  • How do I install Nucleus?

    Nucleus is installed by screwing our wall bracket into any wall and then running power to the device. The device can be powered in one of two ways: 1) Using Power over Ethernet, or 2) By plugging our wall adapter (included) into any outlet and then connecting the cord to the device. The power cord is thin enough that it can be taped and painted over if you desire. Once Nucleus is mounted and powered, you simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network and it will take care of the rest. You can learn more about how to install Nucleus by reading this blog post.

  • What are the dimensions of a Nucleus unit?

    Each Nucleus unit is 8″ wide by 7″ tall by 0.85″ thick. Slim and sleek, the unit fits seamlessly onto your wall or elegantly on a tabletop, blending into your home decor.

  • What’s the right way to use Nucleus? Do I need to use it as either an in-home or between-home communication system?

    No! That’s the beauty of the wireless solution. However you want to connect with your loved ones over the Nucleus system is the right way to connect, whether they’re all in your home or all across the world (or somewhere in between!).

  • What does Nucleus do that other communication platforms (like Skype) don’t?

    Because Nucleus is custom-designed for communication — and not multi-purpose like a computer or smart phone — its core features are stronger, and more reliable, and simpler than other communication applications. Its speed is unparalleled: in a single voice command or at the touch of a finger, you are connected in fewer than 200 milliseconds.

    And more importantly, Nucleus is designed for use in situations where Skype or Facetime wouldn’t be used: to call your family down to dinner; to tell your teenage son to get up for school; or to be accessed from a mobile app so that you can instantly tell your spouse that you’re outside in the car.

Need more information?

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When our large family visits, which is frequently, we want to communicate and monitor our little ones and elderly visitors.


After searching for an intercom system, nothing compared to the price and features available, making this a family-friendly item.


Once I read about the Nucleus and understood how it would work and how it could be used, I felt that it is not really a choice. There is nothing on the market like it. Plus, after reading about Jonathan and corresponding with him, I trust his vision and integrity. Win/win.


With 6 bedrooms on three floors, communication is a challenge. We decided on Nucleus to connect everyone in our home at all times.